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Partial Status is a term we use when we're able to only fulfill a part of your order, and consequently, refund the remaining undelivered portion of your order. This situation might arise due to various reasons that might hinder our ability to complete your order in full. In such cases, we ensure that you are reimbursed for the undelivered part of your service.


El estado parcial es un término que utilizamos cuando solo podemos cumplir con una parte de su pedido y, en consecuencia, reembolsamos la porción restante no entregada de su pedido. Esta situación puede surgir debido a varias razones que podrían impedir nuestra capacidad para completar su pedido en su totalidad. En tales casos, nos aseguramos de que se le reembolse por la parte del servicio que no se entregó.




Drip Feed is a special service we are providing to our clients so that they can automatically place the same order more than one times. Suppose you are planning to place 2000 Facebook likes order on your Facebook posts but want it delivered as 200 likes within every 30 minutes. Now you publish the post and the post like quantity will be 200 runs: 10, interval: 30. Thus, your same order will be placed automatically until it reaches the desired number of likes.



In order to place a mass order, you will have to follow the given way.

  • First, put the service id
  • Then put the link of profile or post
  • In the end, put the quantity

Suppose you want to add 500 Facebook followers to three different Facebook profiles (abc, def, and ghi). The order will look like: 305|abc|500, 305|def|500, 305|ghi|500. In other words, service ID |Facebook user ID| quantity. That’s how you can place a mass order.



"Becoming an Automatic Reseller with 1popularity: Simplified and Efficient"

1popularity is thrilled to invite you to our automatic reseller program, a platform designed with efficiency and ease-of-use in mind. As a reseller, you will have the opportunity to expand your business and provide value to your customers by offering our comprehensive suite of social media enhancement services.

Our system is completely automated, which means placing orders is as simple as a few clicks. After registering an account with us, you'll be able to add funds to your account, from which you can place orders directly.

However, our commitment to your success goes beyond providing an automated system. We also offer comprehensive support should you have any questions or concerns about using our services. Whether you need help navigating the platform, understanding the specifics of our offerings, or troubleshooting any issues, our dedicated team is available to provide assistance and guide you.

By becoming a reseller with 1popularity, you are joining a community committed to the quality and growth in the dynamic field of social media marketing. Start your journey with us and take advantage of this opportunity to boost your business today.


"Conviértete en un Revendedor Automático con 1popularity: Simplificado y Eficiente"

1popularity se complace en invitarte a nuestro programa de revendedores automáticos, una plataforma diseñada con eficiencia y facilidad de uso en mente. Como revendedor, tendrás la oportunidad de expandir tu negocio y proporcionar valor a tus clientes al ofrecer nuestro completo conjunto de servicios de mejora de las redes sociales.

Nuestro sistema es completamente automático, lo que significa que colocar pedidos es tan simple como hacer unos pocos clics. Después de registrar una cuenta con nosotros, podrás agregar fondos a tu cuenta, desde donde puedes realizar pedidos directamente.

Sin embargo, nuestro compromiso con tu éxito va más allá de proporcionar un sistema automatizado. También ofrecemos soporte integral si tienes alguna pregunta o inquietud sobre el uso de nuestros servicios. Ya sea que necesites ayuda para navegar por la plataforma, entender los detalles específicos de nuestras ofertas, o solucionar cualquier problema, nuestro equipo dedicado está disponible para proporcionar asistencia y guiarte.

Al convertirte en un revendedor con 1popularity, te unes a una comunidad comprometida con la calidad y el crecimiento en el campo dinámico del marketing en redes sociales. Comienza tu viaje con nosotros y aprovecha esta oportunidad para impulsar tu negocio hoy.



The refill and cancel buttons gave on our platform sends a trigger to perform the related operation regarding the order. These buttons do not act immediately. These buttons are just triggers, the order may not need refill sometimes and sometimes it may be too late to cancel an order.

What is the refill feature for?

When placing orders on SMM panels, one of the main concerns is that the number of likes, views, followers, etc, might drop way too quickly. Since there are different providers out there and it's very difficult to guarantee the 0% drop, the feature called refill was invented to make sure that customers stay happy with the services they order no matter what.



No, we do not offer any discount. You will be charged according to the packages given on the services page.



No, Drip Feed does not apply when you are placing a mass order. It is also not applicable for the API.

Understanding Order Completion and Cancellation Timeframes --------- Entendiendo los Tiempos de Completado y Cancelación de Pedidos



"Understanding Order Completion and Cancellation Timeframes"

At 1popularity, we strive to process and complete your orders as swiftly as possible. However, due to the intricate nature of the services we offer, it's essential to understand our delivery and cancellation policies.

Upon placing an order, you should expect a processing period that can range from 24 to 48 hours. During this time, we work diligently to fulfill your order to your satisfaction. Importantly, once the order has been processed and completed within this timeframe, it cannot be cancelled.

We urge you to consider this policy when placing an order and ensure that your request aligns with your needs. Our dedicated team remains at your disposal to assist with any queries or concerns you may have.


"Entendiendo los Tiempos de Completado y Cancelación de Pedidos"

En 1popularity, nos esforzamos por procesar y completar sus pedidos lo más rápido posible. Sin embargo, debido a la naturaleza intrincada de los servicios que ofrecemos, es esencial entender nuestras políticas de entrega y cancelación.

Al realizar un pedido, debe esperar un período de procesamiento que puede variar de 24 a 48 horas. Durante este tiempo, trabajamos diligentemente para cumplir su pedido a su satisfacción. Es importante destacar que una vez que el pedido ha sido procesado y completado dentro de este plazo, no se puede cancelar.

Le instamos a considerar esta política al realizar un pedido y asegurarse de que su solicitud se alinea con sus necesidades. Nuestro equipo dedicado permanece a su disposición para asistirle con cualquier consulta o preocupación que pueda tener.



In order to access the YouTube comment link, first, spot the timestamp mentioned next to your username in your comment. It might show for example “4 days ago”. Hover the mouse cursor over it and then you will get “Copy Link Address” option by right click. Copy that link and paste it in the new tap. If it directs to your comment, you have got the right link.



A YouTube view service that contains Monetized in its name.



Whenever an Instagram user mentions someone on Instagram by using @ to tag, it is called Instagram Mention. You can publish the link of your post along with the targeted people with whom you want to share this post.



Each Instagram Impression shows the reach. It means how many Instagram users have seen your post. Brands usually need it to know how many people have seen the Instagram post



Whenever an Instagram user saves a post to his history on this social networking site, it is called an Instagram Save. The Instagram Saves enhance the impressions on an Instagram post.


Canceled orders return the order value to your account automatically, we reserve the rights or reasons why an order is canceled.

Refund Policy FAQ

At 1popularity, our commitment to customer satisfaction is paramount. As such, it's essential to clarify our refund policy to ensure understanding and transparency.

  1. Can I get a refund once my order is placed? Once an order has been placed and processed, we are unable to offer a refund. Be sure to verify all details before confirming your order.

  2. What happens if my order is not delivered? In the rare event your order isn't delivered, we will refund the amount to your 1popularity account balance, which can be used for future orders.

  3. Are there exceptions to the refund policy? In case of fraudulent activities such as using unauthorized or stolen credit cards, we reserve the right to terminate your account without a refund.

  4. What if I'm not satisfied with the service? We strive to provide the best quality service, but if you're unsatisfied, please contact us. While we cannot offer refunds, we'll work diligently to address your concerns.


"Política de Reembolsos Preguntas Frecuentes"

En 1popularity, nuestro compromiso con la satisfacción del cliente es primordial. Por lo tanto, es esencial aclarar nuestra política de reembolsos para garantizar la comprensión y transparencia.

  1. ¿Puedo obtener un reembolso una vez que se ha realizado mi pedido? Una vez que se ha realizado y procesado un pedido, no podemos ofrecer un reembolso. Asegúrese de verificar todos los detalles antes de confirmar su pedido.

  2. ¿Qué sucede si mi pedido no se entrega? En el raro caso de que su pedido no sea entregado, reembolsaremos el monto a su saldo de cuenta en 1popularity, que puede ser utilizado para futuros pedidos.

  3. ¿Hay excepciones a la política de reembolso? En caso de actividades fraudulentas como el uso de tarjetas de crédito no autorizadas o robadas, nos reservamos el derecho de terminar su cuenta sin un reembolso.

  4. ¿Qué pasa si no estoy satisfecho con el servicio? Nos esforzamos por proporcionar el mejor servicio de calidad, pero si no está satisfecho, por favor contáctenos. Aunque no podemos ofrecer reembolsos, trabajaremos diligentemente para atender sus preocupaciones.

\"What Should I Expect in Terms of Delivery Time Delays?\"----- \"¿Qué Debo Esperar en Términos de Retrasos en el Tiempo de Entrega?\"


Delivery Time Delay:

Please be aware that while we aim to fulfill all orders as promptly as possible, there may be occasions where delivery times might be delayed. This could be due to various factors including but not limited to, changes in social media platform algorithms, large order volumes, or unforeseen technical issues. We kindly ask for your understanding and patience during these times. We assure you that we are committed to fulfilling your order, and any delay does not indicate cancellation or non-completion of your service.


Retraso en el tiempo de entrega:

Por favor, tenga en cuenta que, aunque nuestro objetivo es cumplir con todos los pedidos lo más pronto posible, puede haber ocasiones en las que los tiempos de entrega puedan sufrir retrasos. Esto podría deberse a varios factores, incluyendo pero no limitado a, cambios en los algoritmos de las plataformas de redes sociales, grandes volúmenes de pedidos o problemas técnicos imprevistos. Le pedimos amablemente su comprensión y paciencia durante estos momentos. Le aseguramos que estamos comprometidos en cumplir con su pedido, y cualquier retraso no indica la cancelación o la no realización de su servicio.

Q: Why shouldn\'t I send the same link more than once at the same time without completing the first order?

English:  A: It's important to avoid sending the same link simultaneously without completing the first order because it may result in the views or actions not being properly counted. Our system processes orders sequentially, and sending the same link multiple times simultaneously can create conflicts in the order tracking and resource allocation, leading to inaccurate results.

Spanish: P: ¿Por qué no debo enviar el mismo enlace más de una vez al mismo tiempo sin haber completado la primera orden? R: Es importante evitar enviar el mismo enlace simultáneamente sin haber completado la primera orden, ya que puede resultar en que las vistas o acciones no se cuenten correctamente. Nuestro sistema procesa los pedidos de forma secuencial y enviar el mismo enlace múltiples veces simultáneamente puede generar conflictos en el seguimiento de los pedidos y en la asignación de recursos, lo que conduce a resultados inexactos.